Welcome to Sage Center for Wellness!

Sage Center for Wellness is a wellness practice that focuses on healing the whole person through Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and moxibustion, Chinese Herbs, Energetic Healing and Medical Qigong. At Sage Center, you will develop a relationship with your practitioner that is truly life-changing, identifying and overcoming physical and emotional obstacles to your well-being.

Visiting Sage Center isn’t about just treating symptoms. It’s about entrusting your health to a person that cares about seeing you live the best life you can live – and walking out of the treatment room feeling better. It’s about receiving insight into your unique physical and emotional needs, and being equipped with practical strategies even after your appointment is over. It’s about uncovering and addressing root concerns instead of temporarily easing symptoms that will come back again and again.

You are not alone in the healing process. If you are seeking a deeper, ongoing, and lasting solution for the ailments you experience, contact Sage Center for Wellness to make an appointment.

Improving Quality Of Life.