Sage Center for Wellness offers services that address your big-picture health concerns. Through five-element acupuncture, energy healing, and a genuine concern for each person that walks through the door, Sage Center for Wellness powerfully impacts clients’ lives. That’s the service you’ll find. That’s what Sage Center is all about.

Sage Center treatments take into account the whole person – your insomnia is as important as the pain in your back. Because of this holistic approach, lifestyle coaching goes hand in hand with treatment. The physical and emotional elements of life are inextricably related – treating both allows life to flow with more ease.

Sage Center for Wellness is a place where you can talk about your health concerns and be heard. People often come in and say, “I never expected to be helped with this.” And they consistently walk out feeling better and seeing long-term change.

To learn to live better so you can feel better, contact Sage Center for Wellness.

Live Healthy, Live Happy.